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Tempura Bowl & Cold Soba/Udon


Rice ball & Cold Kakiage (Tempura) Soba/Udon


Ume-Shiso (Sour Plum with Shiso leaf) Cold Soup Soba/Udon

sushi & tempra & soba udon   zaru & tempra   soba tempra

 Shrimp Tempura Bowl Combo


 Zaru Soba & Shrimp Tempura


Soba/Udon & Vegetable Tempura

  We got a nice write up on LA Times!!

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The buckwheat for the soba and flour for the udon served in Ichimian are shipped directly from Japan on K-Line vessels in refrigerated containers to keep them fresh as possible. The Buckwheats are milled daily and noodles are made daily. Freshness is the main ingredient that keeps the soba and udon noodles so chewy, healthy, and full of fragrance.